Data Delivery Services Available from WSI
under the Unidata Contract

Service Description Cost
Tier I Entire suite of unaltered NIDS products from one
NEXRAD site for a single fixed location.
Tier II Entire suite of unaltered NIDS products from any one
NEXRAD site. Site may be changed as desired.
Tier III Entire suite of NIDS products from all NEXRAD sites (satellite delivery only). $575/month
Tier IV WSI's NOWrad mosaic radar imagery, updated every 5 minutes, both 2km regional imagery and 8km national imagery. $195/month
Tier V Special Floater Service. Entire suite of unaltered NIDS products from up to three NEXRAD sites where severe weather is occurring. Sites will be determined by joint agreement by Unidata universities. $50
Non-internet Delivery Consists of ingestion subsystem and 1.2m
dish and standard installation.
One-time, initial purchase

For contract information contact Unidata Support <>

For product information contact Maria Pirone at 978 670-5149 or on e-mail at
For customer service contact WSI customer operations at 978 670-5052

Prepared by J. Hansen <>