Example of LDM product identifier for CONDUIT

data/nccf/com/nam/prod/nam.20071011/nam.t06z.awip1284.tm00.grib2 !grib2/ncep/NAM_84/#000/200710110600F084/UREL;VREL/10 m HGHT! 000016

The above identifier states that the grid was the 16th product in the file named
on the NCEP file server.

The individual grid information deleimited by the "!" characters denotes that the product is in GRIB2 format, is from the NCEP North American Mesoscale (NAM) model (NCEP assigned model number 84). The grid projection is defined internally and no reference grid number is used in the GRIB2 data. The awip12 grid is the 12km (grid #218) AWIPS grid. The model initial time is 0600Z October 11, 2007, and the product is the 84 hour forecast of U and V wind components at 10 meters. Note that GRIB2 allows for more than one grid to be included within a product. In this case U and V wind components are 2 grids contained within the grid product.

The vertical coordinate description within the metadata consists of three space separated fields (the "-" character will be used when a field is not applicable). These are: