Cooperative Opportunity for NCEP Data Using IDD Technology (CONDUIT)

This is a cooperative project with the NWS/Office of Meteorology (OM), NWS/Office of Systems Operations (OSO), the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and UCAR's Unidata Program Center to make model data available from the NCEP and OSO FTP servers to the university and US Weather Research Program (USWRP) communities using Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) technologies.

Following is information that you should know before pursuing the data sets.

  1. How can I get the model data?

    Unidata has set up an LDM/IDD topology for the NCEP model data using the CONDUIT feedtype.

  2. Which model data are included?

    Currently, high resolution versions of the GFS, NAM, RUC and Global Ensemble are available. Unidata has provided information on versions and grids for the data sets. Detailed descriptions of the data sets are available at:

  3. What is the volume of data?

    Approximately 30 GB of data per day are being transmitted. The maximum hourly volume is approximately 2.5 GB/hour.

  4. Can I access a subset of the model data, instead of all of the data sets?

    Yes, that is one of the unique features of the LDM. You can subscribe to a "pattern/action" that allows using subsets of data sets.

  5. How can I get the LDM?

    You can learn about the LDM here. It is freely available and downloadable in source or binaries.

  6. How can I begin getting the model data?

    Send email to:

  7. How can I share information with others using the service?

    You can subscribe to the conduit email list.

Other related model data information:

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