2014 Unidata Summer Internship

The 2014 Unidata Summer Internship offers graduate students and upper-level undergrads an opportunity to work with Unidata software engineers and scientists on projects drawn from a wide variety of areas that overlap atmospheric and computational sciences. Unidata's mission is to support the Earth Science research and education community with innovative data access, analysis, and visualization tools. As an intern, you will use, design, and/or modify existing Unidata software in innovative ways to better support the Unidata Community. Projects could come from the following areas (a more detailed list can be found below):

The 2014 program is a 10-week summer position (40 hours / week) running 27 May to 1 August, 2014.

In addition to software projects, as a Unidata intern you will participate in the following activities:


You'll gain professional writing experience by documenting your work, at both the code and user documentation level. You'll be encouraged to participate in the Unidata Developers Blog throughout the summer.

Reporting / Seminars

In the last week of your internship, you will have the opportunity to give a Unidata Community Seminar describing your experience and the outcomes of your summer work. You will attend technical staff meetings to report on the status of your project.

Community and Professional Behavior

As a Unidata intern, you will be part of a larger community of UCAR and NCAR summer interns. Interns are expected to contribute positively to the UCAR/NCAR community and to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a professional environment. Interns are expected to fully participate during normal office hours.

How to Apply

Applications for the Unidata Summer Internship are now being accepted. Applications are due by 21 February 2014 and must be submitted through the UCAR Career Portal, see the 2014 Unidata Student Summer Internship (14050) posting for full details.

Part of the application process involves writing a letter of interest describing the work you are interested in doing during the internship. Please indicate which Unidata software package(s) you are interested in using or developing and how your work would positively impact the Unidata community.

Below are a number of possible projects that Unidata developers and scientists have suggested. Please feel free to expand on one of these. However, it is not necessary to restrict yourself to this list, if you have your own ideas of how you would like to enhance or use a Unidata software package to positively impact the community, please write it up and submit it.

Possible Projects