JoAnne Graham, Unidata Administrator, March 3, 1999

Workshop Planning & Logistics

  1. The COMET Classroom is a go. While they can do AWIPS type stuff on their workstation, they are definitely not limited to AWIPS only. The only caveat for using this room is that if we do use it, they will not allow us to swap out equipment this time like we did last time. I am told that their equipment is plenty powerful for our needs right now and that in fact they may have even better stuff by the time the workshop rolls around. Right now they have 9 PC's and 9 HP machines in there (running HPUX). They have penciled us in for the whole month of June so we have our pick.
  2. I have reserved ALL of the conference rooms in FL2, for the ENTIRE month of June, 2000.
  3. The University of Colorado will get back to me in a few days about available space in their dorms during that month. Do the user com members stay in dorms too? It looks from the budget like 25 people stayed in hotels last time. Does this make sense?