Recommendations, Actions, Proposals & Resolutions

6-7 April 1995

Recommendation: The User Committee recommended that Unidata postpone having a booth at the next AMS meeting, and attend the San Francisco AGU meeting to assess future presence there.

ACTION: Unidata will make the suggested changes to Unidata’s available WWW information.

ACTION: The results from the survey on classroom displays will be placed in the WWW.

ACTION: A change to the satellite data stream which would include GOES-8 data will be announced by Unidata and be made in approximately 7-10 days, due to the desire for GOES-8 data. (Subsequently, this time-table has been pushed back to May 22nd due to technical delays and end of semester concerns)

ACTION: Unidata should arrange for a presentation from an SSEC representative to describe GOES sounder products at the next UserComm meeting.

ACTION: Unidata should provide information to the community about tutorial availability on McIDAS

ACTION: Unidata should provide information to the Unidata community on how to dump data into ASCII files.

ACTION: Unidata will ask Tim Spangler to pursue DMSP data availability from University of Alaska.

ACTION: The Unidata Director should focus on affordable NIDS prices for the community rather than redistribution rights.

ACTION: Unidata should analyze all requests for past data to see which sites are making the requests and the number of of such requests.

ACTION: The Unidata Director will prepare a white paper on data storage.

ACTION: Sally will propose procedures and criteria for a strawman for a mini-grants program to foster the creation and sharing of education (course-related) materials among the Unidata community for review by Users Committee.

Proposal: Unidata should support WXP through the 5.0 release and distribution.

ACTION: The Unidata Director should investigate the budget implications of the above proposal.

RESOLUTION: The User Committee recommends that the Policy Committee endorse the UPC strategy for moving WXP to "community-support" status and directing more resources toward enhancing GEMPAK and McIDAS, especially the ease-of-use factors that reduce the effectiveness of these systems in introductory instructional settings.

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