Unidata Users Committee Meeting Summary

Special Meeting Preceeding Workshop
20 June 2003
Boulder, Colorado



UPC Staff:

Rich Clark, Millersville Univ, Chair

Bill Fingerhut, Lyndon State College

Steve Chiswell

Charles Graves, St Louis Univ

Ethan Davis

Anton Kruger, Univ of Iowa

Ben Domenico

Mark Laufersweiler, Univ of Oklahoma

Emily Doremire

Michael Morgan, Univ of Wisc-Madison

Steve Emmerson

Tony Rockwood, Metropolitan State

Joanne Graham

James Steenburgh, Univ of Utah (absent)

Jo Hansen

Donna Tucker, Univ of Kansas

Yuan Ho


Robb Kambic

Ex-Officio Members:

Jeff McWhirter

Charles Murphy, Kean Univ

Linda Miller

Tom Whittaker, Univ of Wis-Madison, ATAC Rep (absent)

Don Murray


Mohan Ramamurthy


Russ Rew


Jeff Weber


Stu Wier


Anne Wilson


Tom Yoksas

The Users Committee meeting was dominated by the “Expanding Horizons…” workshop planning and coordination activities. Tasks needing completion were identified and assigned. Committee members stepped up to the tasks of scribing each session, which should suffice for input to the workshop co-chairs toward the development of a workshop meeting summary or BAMS article. Other details were discussed and assignments were made to cover all remaining items.

General meeting items:

Mohan provided a presentation on the distribution of Level II data made to the NWS at a meeting on June 18, 2003 in Silver Spring, MD.

Tom Yoksas provided proposed changes to the GOES-East and GOES-West satellite coverage. Check this link for imagery examples.

Charlie Murphy presented the findings from community Budget and Support Survey. The summary from that survey is included. This activity was based on an Action Item from the February 2003 Unidata Policy Committee meeting.

Rich Clark thanked Charlie Murphy for his outstanding participation as the Policy Committee Liaison to the Unidata Users Committee and community.

Action: The Policy Committee needs to identify a liaison to the Users Committee for the October 1-2 meeting.

Action: Tom Yoksas will provide an announcement to the community informing them of the proposed changes to the satellite datastream.

Linda Miller - lmiller@unidata.ucar.edu
External Liaison, Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
303-497-8646 fax: 303-497-8690