Unidata Users Committee Action Items
September 30-October 1, 1999

Action 1: Unidata should create a more concrete description of the goals of the Java development, including the relationship between components, a GUI framework for the components, and turn-key applications.

Action 2: Unidata should provide quantitative information on real-time satellite data options, available from SSEC, for the next meeting.

Action 3: Committee and staff responsibilities for the summer workshop, e.g., scribes for each room, technical support, needs to be discussed at the next meeting.

Action 4: A plan should be created by Unidata for post release of GEMPAK 6.0.

Action 5: NMAP should be demonstrated at the next Users Committee meeting by Steve Chiswell.

Action 6: Dave Fulker and Jennie Moody will respond to the email, from a community member, regarding the vision for future data ingest and display. This response will take the form of an email response to the individual and a Unidata Newsletter article.

Action 7: Linda Miller will respond to the email question that came in from a community member about the future of DIFAX.


The Unidata Users Committee, representing users at more than 100 universities in the U.S., encourages Unidata to pursue free access to the GVAR archive at the University of Wisconsin/SSEC. We believe that this will result in significant research opportunities and foster growth of satellite meteorology education at universities. We hope that all parties can reach an agreement that will allow free access to the archived data by Unidata sites.

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