Unidata Users Committee Actions 23-24 September 1996

ACTION 1: Steve Mullen will take the report on south of the border participation to the Policy Committee for discussion and action.

Resolution to Policy Committee:

The paradigm for educating students has shifted in focus toward student centered learning. Faculty members at some Unidata universities are trying to adapt their classroom applications of meteorological data and analysis tools and multimedia technologies to the new paradigm. These efforts have not been well coordinated, and faculty members at many universities who would like to be more involved lack the necessary resources and expertise to participate.

Unidata has expertise developing and supporting meteorological data distribution, analysis and display software; training people to use the software; and fostering communication and collaboration within the meteorological community. The Users Committee recommends that the Unidata Policy Committee consider ways in which Unidata could extend its expertise, to foster and coordinate a national effort to adapt its supported software, plus multimedia instructional technologies, to the new paradigm. This effort should involve UCAR, including COMET, Unidata, and interested universities.

ACTION 2: A reminder will be sent to the university community about selection of floater locations. An article will also be written for the next Unidata newsletter.

ACTION 3: Unidata should explore the idea of using the IDD for distribution of the MM5 model data from sites that are using the MM5.

ACTION 4: Unidata needs to keep the community apprised through e-mail and Unidata newsletter articles about the future directions being planned.

ACTION 5: Ben Domenico and Linda Miller should continue contacting (via e-mail or telephone) site representatives to find out if Unidata systems are being used for interdisciplinary activities within their institution or in collaborative activities.

ACTION 6: Dave Knight, representing SUNYA, wants to be included in the seismic data real time experiment with IRIS sites using the LDM. Ben will arrange this with Tim Ahearn and other participants.

Prepared by Linda Miller

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