Unidata Users Committee Action Items
30-31 March 1998

ACTION 1: Sally Bates will send a note soliciting information from the workshop participants on applicability of the workshop materials and recommendations for a follow on workshop.

ACTION 2: A WXP user should be represented on the MetApps Task Force.

ACTION 3: Users Committee recommends that the UPC budget for NOAAPort Channel 3 for 3 sites dispersed over the U.S.

ACTION 4: Form a task force (Rockwood) working with the UPC and the UserComm (Jim Moore and Michael Morgan have interest) to create emulated Difax data stream from FOS and NCEP data streams.  The solution must include printing capabilities.

ACTION 5: Dave Fulker will draft a resolution and send it to the Users Committee via email about providing WSR-88D NEXRAD data mosaics for the university community