Unidata Users Committee

Action Items

15-16 March 2001



Action 1: Check on "FAME" data availability from FSL (Miller)

Action 2: Continue current floater site option

Action 3: Create a floater region including a human selectable area at a central site

Action 4: Provide announcement about the NEXRAD products to the community after they are stable

Action 5: Domenico will work ADDE sites into the THREDDS proposal.

Action 6: One-half day needs to be blocked out for using the current MetApps applications for the Users Committee at the next UserComm meeting.

Action 7: The survey should be available from Rich Clark to Unidata for input to the Web by 15 April. This should provide adequate time to make the survey user-friendly on the Web.

Action 8: The Users Committee and the Policy Committee should complete the Web-based survey prior to community-wide distribution.