13-14 October 1997 Unidata Users Committee Action Items

ACTION 1: The UPC will write an article on the NOAAPort data issues in the next Unidata Newsletter.

ACTION 2: Unidata should inform the community of the impending changes to the floater channels.

ACTION 3: Fulker will discuss interagency connections with EPA through NSF.

ACTION 4: Jennie Moody will send the URLs for the EPA site to the Committee.

ACTION 5: Tony Rockwood will draft a resolution concerning access and distribution of level II WSR-88D data and send the resolution via email to the Committee for consideration.

ACTION 6: Ben Domenico will contact Harry Edmon to find out the arrangement that the Univ of WA has to access the local WSR-88D radar.

ACTION 7: Sandra Nilsson will contact the AMS about the possibility of the workshop being highlighted as the colored cover for the BAMS.

ACTION 8: The deadline for the BAMS section rewrites is 31 October 1997.

ACTION 9: Melanie Wetzel will work with COMET to create illustrations for the workshop article and cover.

ACTION 10: Committee work will begin on the optimum approach to use for contacting the workshop participants to assess the value and application of the information gleaned from the summer workshop.

ACTION 11: Ben Domenico will work with Mary Marlino, PAGE, to find out how and when to assess the workshop materials, including the students' reaction and usefulness.

ACTION 12: Mary Marlino will be invited to the March Users Committee to provide a report on assessment criteria. Mary will be asked to provide an update on the progress of the PAGE Focus Groups.