Unidata Users Committee

Action Items

11-12 October 2001

Action 1: Miller will coordinate a community announcement about the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) available from NOAA's Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL).

Action 2: A report will be given at the next UserComm meeting on the progress and status of the Equipment Grants.

Action 3: Jo Hansen will check with Jeff Rosenfeld, AMS/BAMS editor, on guidelines for contributors of BAMS articles.

Action 4: Unidata will prepare the machine to ship to Wisconsin to provide ADDE functionality within 30 days.

Action 5: The Survey sub-committee will be resurrected to work through the results and recommendations of the survey.

Action 6: Steenburgh will work with Miller to create a community announcement providing information on weather observations that are collected by the MesoWest cooperative mesonets, mesoscale model data, and weather and forecasting products being created for the Olympics via the Web.

Action 7: Domenico will meet with USGS representatives regarding access to streamflow measurements report to the Users Committee.