Unidata Users Committee

Action Items

14-15 March 2002

ACTION 1: An agenda item should be included for the May 2002 Policy Committee meeting to discuss a replacement for Arlene Laing for the Users Committee

Action 2: Research into providing the WRF "beta" model output on the CONDUIT data distribution should be conducted - Miller will coordinate

Action 3: Domenico will follow up with the Users Committee members to identify current problems and future needs of the LDM

Action 4: The MADIS project should be announced to the Unidata Community. Miller and Miller will work together to create an announcement.

Action 5: Steenburgh and Clark will discuss possible candidates to participate on the NOMADS Science Panel, via email, and make the recommendation to the Unidata Users Committee for final determination.

Action 6: Survey information should be used to inform the Unidata five-year proposal process

Action 7: Check with UCAR to solicit information from the last UCAR community survey on the item of funding for System Administration

Action 8: The Users Committee advises the UPC to modify NOAAPORT products injected into the IDD by _not_ stripping the product CCBs. Associated with this change will be needed modifications to the LDM queue scanner, pqact, to equip it with the (default) capability of stripping off the CCBs

ACTION 9: Connect survey results to the Unidata Strategic Plan, adopted February 2002

ACTION 10: The Users Committee should provide input on key issues of the Users and Organizational surveys to Rich Clark by 1 April 2002. The results should be summarized and provided to the Unidata community in an email from the members of the Unidata Users Committee.

ACTION 11: Discuss Support separately from the "engagement of diverse users" as depicted in the Strategic Plan

ACTION 12: A two-part action:

1.Unidata will revisit the community data portal access to the Mass Store and discuss possible DODS and/or THREDDS server access
2.The Users Committee should identify specific datasets desired from the NCAR Mass Store

ACTION 13: The Users Committee would like the agenda and links, to relevant agenda items, in one file for downloading to their laptops, PDAs, etc. . Robb Kambic offered to check into a different method for the next meeting

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