Unidata Users Committee Action Items

16 June 2000

Action 1:

Research current applications available for use with Level II and Level III WSR-88D data. In conjunction with researching those applications, the MetApps Task Force should consider submitting a Use Case, to be created in Java, to be used with the radar data.

Action 2:

Create an update on the transition from the current NIDS (Level III) service (provided via subscription to WSI) to the future NOAAPort delivery of Level III products.

Action 3:

Unidata should contact current NIDS users to apprise them of impending changes in the provision of NIDS. Options include:

Action 4:

Time will be allocated for an extensive MetApps Java discussion with demonstrations for the November 9-10 Users Committee meeting.

Action 5:

A community survey, linked to strategic planning, will be discussed and planned during the November meeting.