Unidata Users Committee Action Items
16-17 March 2000

Action 1: Unidata should analyze access to WATADS (from NOAA/NSSL) and other display software options to be used with NEXRAD Level II data.

Action 2: A sub-committee (Tom Yoksas, lead) was created to draft a community survey on satellite data needs. The committee will distribute the draft to the Users Committee prior to final distribution to the community at large. (See "Satellite Data Discussion-response to Action 2" in UserComm Summary)

Action 3: A letter of appreciation will be drafted for the Users Committee to send to Dr. Robert Fox, SSEC, for making the data access available to the university community. (Miller will draft the letter)

Action 4: One-half day of the next meeting (November, 2000) will be devoted to MetApps.

Action 5: Dave Fulker will discuss IDL issues with Peter Cornillon, DODS PI, and report back to the Users Committee.

Action 6: Ben Domenico will follow up with Michael Morgan to coordinate the Difax task.

Action 7: Ben Domenico will spearhead the "Best of the Web" sites for the summer workshop.

Questions or comments can be sent to lmiller@unidata.ucar.edu