Concrete Goals of the MetApps Project

Russ Rew

The current goals of the MetApps project are described in the document, accessible from the UMADA home page.

An action item from the September 1999 Unidata Users Committee meeting was to clarify these goals:

ACTION 1: Unidata should create a more concrete description of the goals of the Java development, including the relationship between components, a GUI framework for the components, and turn-key applications.

Here's a draft of more concrete goals from the developers' perspectives:

  1. Deliver turn-key platform-independent applications for the analysis and visualization of meteorological data. These applications must provide and extend the most important capabilities of currently-available applications such as GEMPAK, GARP, and McIDAS. Use of these applications should require no knowledge of Java or component architectures.

  2. Deliver easily installed executables, user documentation, and test cases for the turn-key applications.

  3. Identify or create a component-oriented framework that supports construction of custom applications from components used to build the turn-key applications. This framework should be useful to create new combinations of components that provide subsets of the capabilities of the turn-key applications, connect them in unanticipated ways, or provide tailored mini-applications for embedding in educational materials. Use of these components may require knowledge of component architectures or Java.

  4. Deliver full source code, class documentation, and test cases for the MetApps components.

  5. Enlist other developers in enhancing components and developing new components for the framework by providing an archive, mailing list, developers' forums, documentation, web site, and support for the components.