Unidata Users Committee Action Items
1-2 October 1998

ACTION 1: Fulker will describe Unidata's Java transition in his presentation to the AMS Head & Chairs October 8th; there will also be an article on this in the next issue of the newsletter.

ACTION 2: Rockwood will work with Bates to publish an article in the next newsletter on his transition to x86.

ACTION 3: The Users Committee will keep an eye on NT developments.

ACTION 4: Clark and Moore, working with Fulker, will consider how best to present the GEMPAK/GARP concerns to the NWS.

ACTION 5: A demonstration of the FX-net system will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Resolution 1 (passed unanimously):

The Unidata Users Committee endorses the following changes in Unidata's platform support:
A. Immediately sunset support for ULTRIX and SunOS 4.x.
B. Add support for Red Hat Linux and Solaris for Intel (x86).
C. Sunset support for OS/2 on July 31, 1999.

Resolution 2 (passed unanimously):

In agreement with the recommendation by the NSF review panel, the Users Committee recommends that the Unidata Policy Committee explore Unidata collaboration with other agencies and organizations (e.g., NCAR SCD) to facilitate access to archived meteorological data in forms compatible with Unidata-supported software.

Resolution 3 (passed unanimously):

The Users Committee requests the Policy Committee give the Users Committee full authority for making the Russell DeSouza Award. Current Users Committee members will be excluded from consideration. The Users Committee will seek nominations from the community, discuss the nominations in an open meeting, and render its decision in executive session.

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