Workshop Follow-up Summary

Background Information

Total Number of Participants: 71 (including Unidata and COMET staff)
Number of Participants Contacted: about 65 (with 2 bounced e-mails returned)
Number of Speakers: 15
Number of "Participants" in Lab sessions: 47
Number of Responses to Follow-up Questionnaire: 26

Summary of Quantifiable Responses

Q: Did the workshop change how you used the Web in your teaching?

Yes: 16
No: 5
No Answer: 2

Q: Over the past year did you: Create any Web-based materials for classroom use?

Yes: 18
No: 3
No Answer: 1

Q: Over the past year did you: Use any of the teaching techniques discussed during the Presentations? Lab sessions?

Yes: 13
No: 5
No Answer: 4

Note: There were many comments about the lack of time to implement Web ideas and about the inapplicability of pedagogical information to the courses taught. One respondent attended simply to learn how to use McIDAS software.

Summary of Non-Quantifiable Responses

Sites mentioned as being particularly useful:

List of URLs created by participants as a result of workshop:


Topics cited for future workshops:

Broad themes: