Unidata Users Committee
Action Items
24-25 October, 2002

ACTION 1: The 2001 Users Survey Summary should be linked to the Unidata home page, following review by the Users Committee.

ACTION 2: It was agreed that there are many changes taking place regarding types of data, data management, data access, and data volume. Unidata should invite agency representatives to provide briefings at future meetings.

ACTION 3: Rajul Pandya will provide a demonstration of the Virtual Geophysical Exploration Environment (VGEE) at the next Users Committee meeting.

ACTION 4: Charlie Murphy, Don Murray, Tom Whittaker, Rich Clark, John Caron, and Jeff McWhirter will create a white paper discussing potential outreach and developmental needs to elucidate the needs of developers and users, considering the "expert group" approach.

RESOLUTION 1: The Users Committee endorsed the Policy Committee's Resolution (noted in the Policy Committee Liaison Report above).

On behalf of the Unidata community the Policy Committee expresses its
appreciation to Ben Domenico for his leadership as acting Director of the
Unidata Program.

Ben's conscientious efforts at guiding the development of the Unidata 2008
proposal over the last few months are especially commendable. The
collaborative and multi-disciplinary contracts and alliances he has forged
will benefit the program significantly, and we look forward to his ongoing
contributions and collegial interactions.

ACTION 5: Unidata will check the viability of having a Unidata special IIPS session during the 2004 AMS Annual Meeting on IDV applications and use.

ACTION 6: Check on feasibility of providing continuing education credit through a university, UCAR/NCAR, for a K-12 teacher to attend the 2003 summer workshop. (Tony Rockwood will check with Metro State)

ACTION 7: Ben Domenico will discuss the GIS aspect of the workshop with Olga Wilhelmi, NCAR/ESIG, to derive ideas for speakers and attendees for the workshop from the GIS community.

ACTION 8: Unidata will coordinate with COMET and provide a "community" announcement for COMET's Polar Orbiting modules.

ACTION 9: Ben Domenico will follow up with Baron Services on questions pertaining to calibration, data format, etc, of 80 TV-owned radars providing surveillance and constant scanning. If feasible, this might be considered as another point-to-point community resource.

RESOLUTION 2: The Users Committee requests that the Policy Committee send forward letters to NWS, NESDIS, and other groups as appropriate, to continue CRAFT or a CRAFT-like initiative for the purposes of real-time WSR-88D level II data distribution using Unidata LDM/IDD system in order to provide timely data to the university community and to complete the plan to archive all WSR-88D level II data at NCDC for access by the university community for education and research.


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