Unidata Users Committee
Action Items
17-18 May 2007

NOTE: Next meeting will be 4-5 October 2007

ACTION 1: Gary will request volunteers to serve as the THREDDS focal point from among the Users Committee members.

ACTION 2: Advertise THREDDS to the community by providing specific examples of how this capability could benefit the community. Ask a person who has set up a THREDDS server to provide materials for this purpose.

ACTION 3: Sean Arms, new Users Committee student representative will contact some AMS Student Chapters at a few different institutions to obtain input and share information about Unidata. If possible, this activity could be effectively conducted at the AMS Student Conference at the Annual Meeting.

ACTION 4: In an effort to set up a repository of codes and datasets from the 2006 Unidata Workshop, Gary will draft an email and send to the workshop presenter's list to request that compressed tar files be provided, where applicable, or other links or means of sharing the source materials be donated.

ACTION 5: Leigh Orf or Jo Hansen will contact Jeff Rosenfeld at AMS regarding the BAMS/AMS articles related to the 2006 workshop to try and move forward with a "what should students know about models" point-counterpoint article.

ACTION 6: The venue for the DeSouza award will be changed to the Spring Users Committee meeting each year, except during years featuring a triennial workshop, in which case the presentation will take place during the workshop.

ACTION 7: It was suggested that a poster recognizing the DeSouza winner (and perhaps nominees) will be presented at the Unidata booth at the annual meeting when possible.

ACTION 8: In the draft Unidata Strategic Plan, comments on consolidating goals or suggesting goals that are missing should be sent to Mohan by 15 June 2007.

ACTION 9: Unidata should seek additional equipment awards funding from other NSF divisions, due to the broadening efforts and collaborations

ACTION 10:The proposed addition of 15-minute GOES-10 imager data to the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream will be announced as soon as possible via posts to relevant email lists and on the Unidata homepage. A CommunitE-letter article will also be developed.

ACTION 11: A student rep should be added to the IDV task force.

ACTION 12: Create an IDV Users Forum where people can ask questions, and share scripts and bundles.

ACTION 13: Tom Yoksas and Jo Hansen will upload the survey spreadsheet to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Users Committee members will be designated as document collaborators so they can modify/add information when needed.

ACTION 14: Mohan Ramamurthy and Linda Miller will develop a short survey to explore the Unidata community's interest in receiving COSMIC data in real-time using the LDM.  The Users Committee will have an opportunity to review the survey prior to its distribution to the community.

ACTION 15: Tom Yoksas will draft a letter for the Users committee to send to the NWS regarding a proposed IDD back up for NOAAPORT data distribution and access to GTS data that is not currently included in NOAAPORT.

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