Delayed Mode Access to IDD Data Products

The SCD at NCAR will provide delayed mode access to IDD data products received and decoded by the LDM operated by Unidata. This access will benefit other LDM operators, in the case of data loss, atmospheric research scientist in general, and those needing data for the period when it is not readily available from real-time servers or the archive centers.

The SCD Data Support Section supports the Unidata IDD node ( by backing up the data products to the NCAR MSS before the files are aged off the local disks. Previously, these aged products were not available from NCAR. We plan to change this status beginning approximately 1 November 2003. The DSS will continue the back up service and simultaneously create online collections of some important IDD data streams. Access will be through web pages and FTP. The newest data will be two to three days old and the online time series will extend backward for approximately 90 days. The products and formats are summarized in the table below.

Table 1 Observational data products to be available in netCDF format

Table 2 Model data products to be available in GRIB format