Unidata Users Committee Meeting

26-27 March 2015

Action Items

  1. Action share xIDV files as a Teaching Resource on the TRN (Users Comm)

  2. Short-list of products or data summary of what is out there in polar orbiting fields, and assessment of Unidata ability to provide these assets. (Users Comm)

  3. Need system requirements for CONDUIT (UPC)

  4. Look into system requirements for Wakiri enterprise (Rich S.)

  5. Share Wakiri accounts with co-chairs to test (Rich S.)

  6. Look into running Wakiri on motherlode (UPC)

  7. Contact potential Triennial Speakers-see below, items with (?) need a volunteer (All)

    a) Earth Risk (Kim H.)

    b) Hook Hua (Josh Y.)

    c) Provide contacts for Continuum to Steven (Rich S.)

    d) Contact Continuum (Steven L.)

    e) Contact CSU cloud experts {Sangmi Pallickara <sangmi@CS.ColoState.edu> & Shrideep Pallickara: shrideep@cs.colostate.edu} (?)

    f) Contact Microsoft Azure rep (?)

    g) Contact Open Climate Workbench at Apache (?)

    h) Contact WeatherUnderground (?)


The Action Items are not yet available. Stay tuned.

Josh Young
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