Unidata Users Committee Meeting

31 March - 1 April 2014

Action Items

Meeting Summary

ACTION 1: Include Central Michigan University and University of Miami servers in the IDV data chooser catalogs. (Sean Arms)

ACTION 2: In preparation for 2015 Users Workshop, get more feedback on the 2012 Users Workshop before fall meeting. Figure out how to best collect data on whether the educators who attended implemented the ideas discussed. (Kevin Tyle and Josh Young)

ACTION 3: Talk to people in home departments who specialize in remote sensing about desirability of Unidata getting polar orbiting satellite data. (Committee)

ACTION 4: Find out if community members want native resolution (3km) NAM grids in CONDUIT. (Committee, UPC)

ACTION 5: Get ASCAT/OSCAT data from NESDIS flowing through the IDD. May include helping them get an LDM set up. (Michael James and ??)

ACTION 6: Create a more in-depth presentation about Unidata's python activities for the Fall meeting. (Ryan May)

ACTION 7: Investigate potential for collaboration with UK Met office on python projects. (Rich Signell)

ACTION 8: Article about HIWPP for News@Unidata. (Doug Dirks)

ACTION 9: Investigate better handling of archive point data from SSEC ADDE servers by the IDV. (Yuan Ho)

ACTION 10: For Fall meeting, have a live demo/example of how to leverage the cloud with science examples. (Ward Fisher, Rich Signell)

Josh Young and Doug Dirks
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