Unidata Users Committee Meeting

3-4 October 2013

Action Items

Meeting Summary

ACTION 1: Committee members will submit observational data sources amenable to conversion by Rosetta to Sean Arms.

ACTION 2: Hydrometeorological classfication radar composite to be added to IDD. Other desired composites should be sent to Tom Yoksas for consideration.

ACTION 3: Request RAMADDA developers to push federated servers back out so IDV community sites catalog will be up-to-date.

ACTION 4: Kevin Tyle will send one more reminder about 2012 Workshop follow-up survey to workshop participants.

ACTION 5: Unidata will draft a document explaining Open Weather and Climate Services, and will distribute it to the community to assess interest/concerns, after feedback from Usercomm.

ACTION 6: Contact OU to request they make their multi-radar composite available in netCDF.

ACTION 7: Create a space on Unidata RAMADDA server for lab/tutorials/teaching resources.

ACTION 8: Unidata will publish best practices for creating netCDF files of a manageable size on web site.

Linda Miller and Doug Dirks
Community Services - Unidata
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