Unidata Users Committee
Action Items
2-3 April 2012


ACTION 1: Survey indicates that several products can be removed from CONDUIT. Unidata needs to communicate clearly that these will be removed and inform users of options for other ways to get the data if they still want it.

ACTION 2: Unidata needs to follow up with survey respondents who expressed interest in the CONDUIT models to determine what subsets of the complete output might be useful.

ACTION 3: Tom, Mike and Robb should create prototype (Unidata-in-a-box) VM distribution for evaluation by committee members and others.

ACTION 4: Update workshop student announcement to include undergraduates and graduate students; add speakers to speaker list; update web pages; publicize.

ACTION 5: John to draft a course of action for CDM 4.3 and circulate to committees.

ACTION 6: Ethan and John to draft recommendations for the WMO.


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