Next-Generation LDM

Status Report: Oct 2010 - Apr 2011

Steve Emmerson

Strategic Focus Areas

The Next-Generation LDM group's work supports five of the funding proposal's six focus areas (basically, the same areas as the LDM):

  1. Broadening participation and expanding community services
    Dispite the existence of "pull" clients, (e.g., the IDV), people still want the ability to subscribe to meteorological data and have it automatically processed as soon as it's available. The next-generation LDM will allow this to be done more easily and by more users.
  2. Advancing data services
    The next-generation LDM will allow anyone to easily become a publisher of data and should increase the types of data to which a user can subscribe.
  3. Developing and deploying useful tools
    It is expected that the next-generation LDM will be useful.
  4. Providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure
    The successful large-scale deployment of a freely-available publish/subscribe data distribution package that uses peer-to-peer technology will be a first (or one of the firsts).
  5. Promoting diversity by expanding opportunities
    Even individuals will be able to use the next-generation LDM to publish and subscribe to data feeds.

Activities Since the Last Status Report

Added New Features

  • Dynamic topology reconfiguration.
  • pqact(1)-like FILE and PIPE actions configured via an XML file.

Planned Activities

  • Incorporate the data-processing-actions file into the GUI
  • Move the project to the Unidata software forge (if and when we get one).
  • Release a beta version for testing and feedback.