Status Report: April - 2011 Year

Mohan Ramamurthy
Jeff Weber

Strategic Focus Areas

The Hydro-NEXRAD group's work supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  • 1 Broadening participation and expanding community services
  • 2 Advancing data services
  • 3 Developing and deploying useful tools
  • 5 Providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure
  • 6 Promoting diversity by expanding opportunities

Activities Since the Last Status Report

Casestudy Development

The main developer at U of Iowa has left the university for the private sector. Additional development is unlikely. Unidata will create a casestudy to illustrate how generated rainfall products via Hydro-NEXRAD can be used with Unidata software for visualization and analysis.

How to access the service

Prepared April 2011