Status Report: April 2011

Michael James

Activities Since the Last Status Report

    GEMPAK use within the Unidata community has generally remained steady since the last User Committee meeting in October 2010.
    GEMPAK 6.2.0 released November, 2010: additions include support for GEMPAK applications to access the AWIPS2 database, improved support for NEXRAD high-resolution level 3 products, improvements to nex2gini, additional GOES satellite product handling, updated external libraries (netCDF, HDF5, PNG, zlib, etc.) and various other bug fixes.
    GEMPAK training workshop October, 2010: above average to excellent evaluation scores from attendees. Feedback indicated interest in more hands-on portions focusing on data conversion, map and product customization and more advanced grid diagnostics material.

Ongoing/Planned Activities

    End of Unidata support for GARP and separation of GARP from default build / installation for GEMPAK 6.3.0.
    Unidata Training Workshop 2011: 3-day GEMPAK session will incorporate more intermediate and advanced level material, as well as shift the focus of day-3 to AWIPS-II configuration and use.