Case Studies

Status Report: April - 2011

Jeff Weber

Strategic Focus Areas

The Case Studies group's work supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  • 1-Broadening participation and expanding community services
  • 2-Advancing data services
  • 3-Developing and deploying useful tools
  • 5-Providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure
  • 6-Promoting diversity by expanding opportunities

Current Status

SOARS summer intern

Vanessa Vincente (Valparaiso) created bundles and imagery for Hurricane Wilma (Atlantic 2005), they are available to the community, and curriculum is being developed. Contributions are gladly accepted.


We continue to use RAMADDA for case study access and additions

Ongoing Activities

We plan to continue to make available the RAMADDA resource here at UCAR, and we encourage local installations to be implemented and to take advantage of the multi-site RAMADDA harvester

New Activities

  • This project is currently static awaiting more community involvement
  • We plan to continue to facilitate the installation of RAMADDA servers at other sites, and maintain collections on our instance of RAMADDA

Prepared April 2011