Unidata Users Committee
11-12 April 2011

Action Items



  1. Action A UserComm member will work with Linda to send the DeSouza Award solicitation.  The solicitation will be sent by the UserComm member to the community email list.  A form will be used for the nominations.
  2. Action: Linda will check to see if POES data with specific headers (eg TIT A61?) or any other headers is available in NOAAPORT.
  3. Action: Unidata should poll the community on what additional satellite data to provide.
  4. Action: A community email message will be sent about global lightning data availability.
  5. Action: CONDUIT activities:
    • Becky Cosgrove will add the fire weather forecast data and NAM 221 grid to 84 hours.
    • Becky Cosgrove will find out what data will be on the DVB-S NOAAPORT upgrade.
    • Unidata will send a message to the community asking what products should be added to CONDUIT.
  6. Action: Rich Signell will chair a THREDDS steering committee and work with UPC staff to recruit other members.
  7. Action: Staff members who have not provided responses to survey concerns and questions from their area should follow through and provide those answers to the appropriate email lists.
  8. Action: Unidata should consider putting Unidata source code on an open source repository, in order to facilitate collaborative development.
  9. Action: UserComm members will contact sites. Each member will pick one school, contact the appropriate professor, and work with him one-on-one to see if he's aware of Unidata. (Yuan offered to help the contact create an IDV bundle of choice). The goal is to raise student and faculty awareness of Unidata software and data.
  10. Action: Users Committee members should send ideas for the 2012 Triennial workshop title. Ask your colleagues for ideas.
  11. Action: Ask a Policy Committee member to join the Triennial workshop planning sub-committee.



Linda Miller
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