IDV Status Report

Yuan and Julien
October, 2010

This report updates the status of Unidata's IDV development efforts since the last report (March, 2010).


In the Unidata 2013 proposal, IDV development was defined under the proposed thematic area 3 "Developing and deploying useful tools". Under this endeavor, the following goals were outlined:
  1. Ability to access and visualize every datastream provided by Unidata.
  2. Support for analysis and visualization of ensemble model output (e.g., probabilistic threat and multivariate probabilities, mean-spread analysis, spaghetti diagrams, and aggregated remote access to large ensemble archives).
  3. Improved handling of sub-minute data (lightning and model) as well as long range climate data.
  4. Support for field project operations and datasets.
  5. Adaptation to GIS frameworks and integration of GIS data.
  6. Enhancements to the IDV framework and plug-in capabilities for a range of customized applications (e.g., lightweight IDV for use in educational settings).
The numbers are not in order of priority, but are used to indicate steps toward that goal in this report.

Progress since last report:

New development:

Development is underway for the next release of the IDV (2.9) which should be released in summer 2010. Several of these features are already available for testing in the IDV nightly build.

Ongoing efforts include:


IDV usage:**

The number of IDV users is slightly increasing. During the months of August/September 2010, the IDV was being used an average of ~470 times per day with more than 100 sites running the IDV 20 or more times during these months. Top known sites are University of Wisconsin (Mc-V), Wetland (USGS), China, Korea, UIUC, Lyndon State College, Western Illinois, NCAR/RAL, EUMETSAT, Millersville and University of Wyoming.

Metrics data: Mar 1 2010 to Sep 30 2010

**When the IDV starts up interactively (i.e. not in script mode), it accesses some resource files (e.g. Favorite Bundles list) from the Unidata web server. The standard web server logs are used to generate information on what sites are running the IDV.

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