Status Report: October - 2010 Year

Mohan Ramamurthy
Jeff Weber

Strategic Focus Areas

The Group Name group's work supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  • 1 Broadening participation and expanding community services
  • 2 Advancing data services
  • 3 Developing and deploying useful tools
  • 5 Providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure
  • 6 Promoting diversity by expanding opportunities

Activities Since the Last Status Report

Acquired Hardware

In an attempt to replicate NCDC's approach to populate their archive, we have purchased a machine that will collect all level II radar data and archive for ~6 months. This machine will be fed from a different topology than that which feeds U of Iowa. We have found that there is a discrepancy between the products recieved here and the products that reach NCDC. NCDC runs two parallel systems, one in Asheville at NCDC, and the other at NGDC, in Boulder. NCDC then reconciles the level II feed at the end of each day, taking the larger file between the two facilities. U of Iowa and Unidata are currently creating a similar set-up

    • Is currently not being used
    • May still be used for generated product access
    • Exploring harvesting data between systems
  • HYDRO LDM feed
    • Was not being used and has been stopped
    • Consumed network and hardware resources
    • Can be brought back if community wants the feed
    • Best to access products via HYDRO-Nexrad application

How to access

  • http://hydro-nexrad.net/hydronexrad_v0.7/index.html
  • Account is needed and is supplied by U of Iowa

Prepared October 2010