Community Services


Status Report: October 2010

Michael James

Strategic Focus Areas

This effort supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  1. Broadening participation and expanding community services
    by providing the tools and support to assist the University community in the upcoming transition from GEMPAK to AWIPS-II
  2. Developing and deploying useful tools
    by providing a useable, robust, modern package free-of-charge, tailored to the needs of the atmospheric science education and research community
  3. Enhancing user support services
    by testing hardware/OS requirements and documentating a clear installation procedure to assist GEMPAK community's looming transition to AWIPS-II


    AWIPS-II migration/developers workshop at NCEP, August 17-19 - included one-on-one time with NCEP AWIPS-II developers to discuss requirements, useability and requirements
    AWIPS-II DR11 acquired from NCEP has been installed and tested at Unidata
    Use of LDM to file to AWIPS-II - currently displaying near real-time surface, upper-air and lightning data

Ongoing/Planned Activities

    Intall/config documentation updated for each newly acquired drop (link)
    Add capability to display satellite, individual site radar and grids (Some satellite images okay at this point, but full support requires tedious editing of sql tables.)