The 2010 Unidata Equipment Awards Program

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation



NSF provides the Unidata Program Center up to $100k in equipment grant funds each year.  In alignment with the Unidata 2013 proposal, the Equipment Awards Program is designed to broaden participation and promote the use of Unidata tools and systems (e.g., THREDDS, NetCDF, IDV, GIS connections) to support education and research on various aspects of climate studies (e.g., diagnostics, change and impacts), by providing grants to be used in the procurement of new computers and equipment including upgrades to existing classroom and laboratory equipment. 


This year special consideration was given to proposals that:


·        Planned to install either the THREDDS Data Server or RAMADDA at their institutions to share data relevant to furthering Unidata's mission, including but not limited to data from real-time IDD/LDM feeds, local observations, data from local modeling efforts, case study data collections, and climate data.

  • Fostered research and education at the boundary between our core meteorology community and other communities, including societal impacts as well as other geoscience disciplines.

A Request for Proposals was sent out February 2 with an April 2 submission deadline. A review panel was formed and met on April 22 at the Unidata Program Center.  It was another competitive year this year and the panel recommended funding eight of the eleven proposals received:



Central Michigan University, Dr. Leigh Orf - “Acquisition of a Multi-Core Server for the Enhancement of the Meteorology Program at Central Michigan University”


Iowa State University, Dr. William A. Gallus, Jr. - “Establishment of THREDDS Server and RAMADDA for Community Access to 78-Year Weather Data Archive”


Louisiana State University, Dr. David P. Brown - “Infrastructure Supporting Software Tools for Climate Impacts and Planning”


Millersville University, Dr. Alex J. DeCaria – “Millersville University Content Repository for Boundary Layer, Ocean Science, and Cyber-education Initiatives”


Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Charles F. Pavloski – “Addition of a Community THREDDS/RAMADDA Server System at Penn State”


University of Albany, SUNY, Dr. Kevin Tyle – “Replacement Electronic Maproom Hardware for the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Albany”


University of North Carolina, Asheville, Dr. Christopher C. Hennon – “Enhancing Data Sharing at the University of North Carolina Asheville to Foster Interdisciplinary Education, Research, and Community Outreach”


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Craig Mattocks – “Computer Hardware Support for Incorporating Unidata Technologies into a Storm Surge Prediction System for Guiding Decision-Making under Present and Future Climate Scenarios”



Congratulations to all of the recipients and we thank the Review Panel members, NSF and the Unidata community for their continued support of the Equipment Awards Program.