Status Report: October - 2010

Mohan Ramamurthy
Jeff Weber

Strategic Focus Areas

The CADIS group's work supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  • 1-Broadening participation and expanding community services
  • 2-Advancing data services
  • 3-Developing and deploying useful tools
  • 5-Providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure
  • 6-Promoting diversity by expanding opportunities

Activities Since the Last Status Report


Unidata is transforming the "top 10" CADIS datasets into netCDF-CF, where possible. The top ten were gained from use metrics, and it is our hope to provide these data in a format that provides inter-operabilty and adheres to standards. The first dataset we are transforming is from the "switchyard" (an area of Arctic and Atlantic ocean water exchange NW of Greenland)

  • Information about the data
    • ~4400 data points- per drop
    • Downward profile
    • Measures:
      Depth (m)
      Pressure (dbar)
      Temperature in situ (deg C)
      Potential Temperature (deg C)
      Conductivity (S/m)
      Salinity (psu)
      Density (sigma-theta)
      Dissolved Oxygen (ml/l)
      Dissolved Oxygen (micro-mol/kg)
      Dissolved Oxygen (Percent Saturation)

Ongoing Activities

We plan to continue the following activies:

  • ASCII -> netCDF transformations
  • IDV visualizations

Prepared October 2010