Unidata Users Committee Meeting

18-19 October 2010

Action Items

Next Users Committee Meeting: 11-12 April 2011

Users Committee Members
Meeting Summary from 18-19 October 2010

Action 1:  Doug Dirks will collaborate with Rich Signell on articles for the E-letter on case studies and ocean use of Unidata tools for the E-letter
Action 2: UPC will continue to explore tools for tracking of support messages, bugs, etc. to allow visibility by the user community.
Action 3:  Michelle Mainelli will provide monthly status updates on AWIPS II from NWS/NCEP to post on the Unidata Web site to keep theUnidata community apprised of the latest activities regarding GEMPAK/NAWIPS migration
Action 4: Becky Cosgrove will provide the product descriptions, what’s available and will include URLs for information and sample products for consideration for the CONDUIT feed. 

Action 5:  UserComm members will send sample GEMPAK scripts to a RAMADDA repository  to aid Unidata in identifying what is missing with IDV.  If not sufficient, then solicit input from the gembud list.
Action 6:  Tom Whittaker will draft a letter to WSI indicating that it is preferred to have the global lightning data in real time, rather than with a 60 minute delay.  This will be brought to the Policy Committee and requested that it be co-signed.
Action 7:  Doug Dirks will provide an E-letter article about the lightning data.
Action 8:  DeSouza Award solicitation should provide the template for nominations. 
Action 9:  Anne Case-Hanks, Kevin Tyle, and Patrick Market are going to go through the survey comments, group them for  the UPC so they can provide responses (grouping to be provided to UPC by 1 November)
Action 10:  Tom Whittaker will draft a letter to David Knight thanking him for working through the issues related to NLDN data distribution, and the past 14 years of data provision.
Action 11:  Send Michelle Mainelli an email about what GIS data (via a web interface) UserComm members would like to get from NWS and in what format (shape files, KML, GeoTIFF, etc.)
Action 12: Tom Whittaker will work with Jennifer Oxelson to get the graphs and text from the survey to send to the community.


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