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Unidata User Support
Winter 2008/2009

Tom Yoksas
March 22, 2009

Unidata User Support Inquiry Metrics

Support for One Year and by Quarter

Above are histograms that portray the number of Unidata email responses for individual topics of support for a one year period ending March 22, 2009. The histograms are arranged by yearly activity averages with the highest on the left and lowest on the right. Each quarter year within the period is depicted from oldest to newest from left to right. The number of responses has been normalized to weekly averages so that the support load over the various periods can be easily compared.

Total support averaged 88 responses/week over the entire year; 92 for the first quarter; 65 for the second quarter; 84 for the third quarter; and 111 for the current quarter.


Some tentative conclusions: Notes:

These numbers and conclusions should not be taken too literally, for several reasons:

by Tom Yoksas