The 2009 Unidata Equipment Awards Program

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation



The Equipment Awards Program is designed to promote the use of Unidata tools and systems (e.g., THREDDS, NetCDF, IDV, GIS connections) to support education and research on various aspects of climate studies (e.g., diagnostics, change and impacts), by providing grants to be used in the procurement of new computers and equipment including upgrades to existing classroom and laboratory equipment.


This year special consideration will be given to proposals that 1) Enhance participation and advancement of underrepresented populations, particularly proposals by investigators in Community and Baccalaureate colleges and minority serving institutions (up to two awards will be made in this category) and 2) Provide useful datasets to the Unidata community to support education and research.  


A Request for Proposals was sent out in January with a March 16 submission deadline.  The Review Panel has been formed and will meet at the Unidata Program Center starting on the afternoon of April 7.  Once again we’ve been funded by NSF to provide up to $100k in grants and we look forward to receiving another quality group of proposals.