McIDAS, ldm-mcidas, GOES Ingest and NOAAPort Status Report
Winter 2007/2008

Tom Yoksas
April 2, 2008

Executive Overview


Efforts referenced within this report are based on five of the six endeavors articulated in the Unidata 2008 Proposal:

Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD Distribution License (Yoksas)

Concerns about distribution of Unidata McIDAS-X to institutions outside of the United States (e.g., CPTEC/INPE in Brazil and CONAE in Argentian) resulted in a letter a letter of clarification for distribution of Unidata McIDAS-X to better identify who may be allowed to legally download Unidata's distribution of McIDAS-X. The letter reaffirms Unidata's right to distribute McIDAS-X to the "international university community" while providing guidelines for which institutions may be regarded to be members of that community.

Unidata McIDAS-X, -XCD (Yoksas)

ldm-mcidas Decoders (Yoksas)

GOES Ingest Capabilities (Yoksas, Schmidt)

NOAAPort Ingest (Chiswell, Schmidt, Emmerson, Yoksas, Weber)

by Tom Yoksas.