Decoders Status

Robb Kambic
April 3, 2008

This report updates the last status report of Unidata's Decoders development efforts since the User Committee meeting in Oct 2007.

The Java GRIB Library is mainly in maintenance mode since the official release 2006. Again there have been updates to the parameter tables for both the Grib1 and the Grib2 formats and other minor modifications because of NCEP's push to convert all Grib1 files to Grib2 files.

A TDS RadarServer was developed to provide html queries for Nexrad Radar products. This TDS service provides the capability for the IDV to make Nexrad queries.

A Grib1 and Grib2 API was created so the TDS could read GEMPAK model files, therefore now the IDV can read GEMPAK files.

The BUFR Java library was officially released. The Decoders web page was updated with JavaDocs and examples for the BUFR library.