IDV Steering Committee Status Report

April 7, 2008


The IDV Steering Committee continues to be active in its role of guiding, suggesting, testing, etc., for the IDV.

Our last telecon "meeting" was on 13 Nov 2007. Attending were:

Tom Whittaker
Marty Baxter
Dave Dempsey
Mark Laufersweiler
Mark Seefeldt
Rich Signell
Bill Fingerhut
Don Murray
Jeff McWhirter
Yuan Ho

New members, Marty and Dave were introduced. Using WebEx (thanks to Rich Signell) the Unidata developers then presented a demo of new features in IDV 2.4b3. Highlights included grid diagonostics (including GEMPAK functions and GEMPAK file reader), the Jython shell and associated routines, moving layers between views, new skinning and other User Interface items.

We then did our customary "round table discussion". Highlights were: