McIDAS, ldm-mcidas, GOES Ingest and NOAAPort Status Report
Fall 2008

Tom Yoksas
September 22, 2008

Executive Overview

Unidata McIDAS-X, -XCD (Yoksas)

Unidata McIDAS-X/-XCD Distribution License (Yoksas)

Concerns about distribution of Unidata McIDAS-X to institutions outside of the United States (e.g., CPTEC/INPE in Brazil and CONAE in Argentina) resulted in a letter a letter of clarification for distribution of Unidata McIDAS-X to better identify who may be allowed to legally download Unidata's distribution of McIDAS-X. The letter reaffirms Unidata's right to distribute McIDAS-X to the "international university community" while providing guidelines for which institutions may be regarded to be members of that community.

Prospective users now have to read and agree to the following:

    "SSEC considers permissible users of the international university community to be those who are using McIDAS-X for academic classroom instruction or academic research by students related to obtaining a degree. Research institutes and government agencies that use McIDAS-X for meteorological research or operations must purchase a license from SSEC for the non-academic use. Given this clarification, and if Unidata users remain within the licensing terms that include no re-distribution of any portion of the software, SSEC is agreeable to providing this software to the international university Unidata user community.

    We need a clear statement from you that specifies all of the following:

    • you are accessing McIDAS from Unidata for use in a university
    • McIDAS must be used for academic classroom instruction or academic research by students related to obtaining a degree
    • your installation of McIDAS is not for use by a government agency, non-academic research institute, or private concern
    • you agree that you will not re-distribute any portion of the software

    As soon as you state that your use of Unidata McIDAS will conform to the items above, we will add your email address to the list that allows downloading of Unidata McIDAS."

ldm-mcidas Decoders (Yoksas)

GOES Ingest Capabilities (Yoksas, Schmidt)

NOAAPort Ingest (Schmidt, Emmerson, Yoksas, Weber)

by Tom Yoksas.