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GEMPAK Status Report

Don Murray, Michael James
September 23, 2008


Current Status

Change in GEMPAK support

Michael James started at Unidata on September 25. Michael's primary responsibility will be providing support for the Unidata GEMPAK community. He will also be evaluating the pre-releases of AWIPS II. For more information on Michael, see the September 2008 CommuniteE-letter.

GEMPAK 5.11.4

The final release of the current NAWIPS/GEMPAK software from NCEP was made in August. Unidata received a copy in September and is currently merging the Unidata modifications into that version. There were major changes in the library structure that will make this process more difficult than previous releases. We expect to have a version available to the community by November.

NAWIPS to AWIPS II transition

After the Spring 2008 User Committee and Policy Committee meetings, a note was sent to the Unidata GEMPAK/N-AWIPS community regarding the impending migration of NAWIPS to the AWIPS II environment. The UPC set up a forum for users to provide input on the functionality they use most in GEMPAK/N-AWIPS.

Several of the Unidata technical staff signed a non-disclosure agreement with the NWS and Raytheon to gain access to the AWIPS II software. Don Murray installed and looked at the TO8 release, but a thorough investigation was not done due to time/resource constraints. Tom Yoksas and Don Murray attended a training session at NCEP on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that AWIPS II uses.

The UPC has requested the next release (T09) of AWIPS II which was released in early September. Once the GEMPAK 5.11.4 release is done, we will have more time to investigate AWIPS II in more depth.

GEMPAK Training Session cancelled

The GEMPAK Training workshop scheduled for October has been cancelled because of low registration. Those registrants that are attending other workshops have been notified that Michael will be available for consultation if need be. They have also been directed to the on-line tutorial and documentation.