Unidata Users Committee Meeting

Action Items

9-10 October 2008

Meeting Summary

Action 1:  Each committee member was asked to write up a “user story” for N-AWIPS usage at their institution in order to help identify important functionality that must be replicated in future software.

Action 2:  Assemble an N-AWIPS transition FAQ and fact-summary web page to get details out to the community.  This is along the lines of what was suggested by the panel report.  The timing for this will be after the Polcomm meeting, 21-22 October 2008.

Action 3: A sub-committee was formed, consisting of Eugene Cordero, Brian Etherton, Jen Oxelson and Linda Miller.  The purpose of this committee will be to re-visit periodic surveys to the community.

 Action 4:  Summer Workshop 2009 Proposal -  Plan to complete by December

Action 5: Update site contact list with Unidata information

Action 6: UPC should create a one-page workshop flyer to be distributed during the AMS meeting in Phoenix.

Action 7: Larry Oolman will discuss EOL workshop coordination and get back to us with additional information.

Action 8:  Unidata will mine the data base to see if we can  improve our characterization of users.

Action 9:  Newsletter article will be created on CONDUIT.

Action 10:  Find out what the differences are (if any) between CONDUIT and NOAAPORT 1 degree data

Action 11:  Draft letter regarding what data will be removed and data to be included in CONDUIT. Send to UserComm first, then to CONDUIT list (Yoksas)

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