Next Generation Case Studies

May 2008 -> October 2008

Mohan Ramamurthy

Jeff Weber

The Next Generation Case Study effort has made a transition. The notion of a THREDDS Data Repository (TDR) has been replaced with the currently operating, Repository for Archiving, Managing and Accessing Diverse DAta (RAMADDA).

RAMADDA has its own status report located here.

Progress has been made incorporating the existing COMET Case Studies into RAMADDA allowing them access to the bulk of the TDS suite of services (OPeNDAP, catalog generation, CDL generation) and also availing the full suite of IDV functionality for viewing, printing, and publishing.

The STORM funds allowed Unidata to explore the concept of the Next Generation Case Studies and previous status reports discuss the successes of that endeavor. The Unidata Program Center is now moving forward, within the RAMADDA framework, developing and sharing case studies and case study content. The IDV is not the only client that can access the data, any client can access the data and services. By using the IDV as the "client of choice", many of the utilities (search, visualition, product creation, publication) can be realized completely within the IDV allowing for ease of use for the end user. This process will allow for the case studies to grow and expand in depth and breadth as the community members offer and publish their views, perspectives, data sets, and products to RAMADDA for others to make use of. The content of the case studies is unlimited, it can hold raw data, data products (and show where the data is located that made the product) presentations, web sites, blogs, curriculum, lab exercises, photos, etc. This allows for rich, multi-disciplined case studies to exist, persist and grow over time.

Some "sample" case studies have been started for hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and some other events, and can be accessed at: Note: There are many other directories to explore, this path takes you directly to some of the test case study work.

The direct URL for the top page is:

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