IDV Steering Committee

May 2007

The IDV Steering Committee had two "meetings" (telecons plus WebEx video) since last Fall.

The purposes of these meetings was to demonstrate new capabilities (using WebEx) and to create lists of priority items for the IDV developers.  Please see the IDV Development report for details of the recommendations.

Participation continues to be very good; however, last month we replaced Mike Voss with Dave Dempsey and may replace Steve Aulenbach as well.  All other members continue to actively participate and to download and evaluate test and beta releases in a timely manner.  In this regard, we would like to disucss with the User Comm the possibility of having a student representative on the Steering Committee.

Finally, the coordination of Committee comments and emails has been moved over to the new Unidata Forums, replacing the use of InfoCetera. Thanks Jen!!

I recommend that this Committee be continued for the time being, but eventually hope that it is replaced by an active group of users on an IDV User Forum, from which the developers can assess priorities, etc.

Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science & Engineering Center (SSEC)
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)
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Madison, WI  53706  USA
ph: +1 608 262 2759