LDM and IDD Status Report

LDM and IDD Status Report
Fall, 2007

Steve Chiswell
Steve Emmerson
Mike Schmidt
Jeff Weber
Tom Yoksas

September 20, 2007

Real-time, self-managing data flows -- Unidata will foster and support the existence of real-time data flows that encompass a broad range of Earth-system phenomena, can be accessed with ease by all constituents, and are self managing in respect to changing contents and user needs.

-- A goal of Unidata 2008: Shaping the Future of Data Use in the Geosciences

LDM Status Report


LDM version of previous report was 6.6.3. Current LDM version is 6.6.5. (Beta LDM version is

LDM release highlights since previous report:

Next Generation LDM

After being diverted by development of a new UDUNITS package (with an XML database, support for logarithmic units, and support for Latin-1 and UTF-8 characters) Steve Emmerson has returned to the development of a next-generation LDM.

IDD Status Report

For previous information, please refer to the Summer 2007 Policy Committee status report.