Decoders Status

Robb Kambic
September 25, 2007

This report updates the last status report of Unidata's Decoders development efforts since the User Committee meeting in May 2007.

The Java Grib Libraries are mainly in maintenance mode since the official release 2006. Again there have been updates to the parameter tables for both the Grib1 and the Grib2 formats. A major change was to add the parameter table information to the parameter rows in the Grib1 index file. This allows a single model to use multiple tables, this has been the case for some of the newer models. Other minor fixes were the correction for the number of bands in the Grid Space products and support for Reduced Gaussian grids from ECMWF.

A release of the c code netCDF-Decoder package:

4.1.6 2007-08-20 fixed typo in eta_211.cdl and other minor fixes.

Trying to get users to start using the new Java Decoders package so I can deprecate this package. The support message are stating this package is hard to install, and it has problems decoding the newer models correctly.

The BUFR Java library remains in beta release.