Unidata Users Committee

Action Items

4-5 October 2007

Note: Next Meeting will be 10-11 April 2008

Action 1: : An E-letter item describing THREDDS Data Servers (TDS) and THREDDS Data Repository (TDR) will be written by Sean Arms, as soon as he is able to populate the TDS and has the chance to learn more about the TDR.

ACTION 2 : Committee members need to mention the Workshop Forum when making site contacts. This will help to facilitate interaction and discussion among Forum participants.

Gary Lackmann will contact John Snow regarding the point-counterpoint article for BAMS.

ACTION 4: Please provide a graphic, description, etc for the summer 2006 workshop publication in the Forum.

ACTION 5: Committee members divided the names of workshop presenters to get presentations and data used during the 2006 summer workshop. A thumbnail picture to go along with the data would be beneficial. Addition of tutorials and/or lesson plans would be useful.

ACTION 6:  Sean Arms can provide a demo using FaceBook as a scientific demo, and UserComm should get an account.

ACTION 7: Find out if a decision has been made regarding the open source license. If not, draft a letter to NOAA/NWS legal counsel requesting the LGPL or similar licensing be provided for AWIPS2.

ACTION 8:  Sean Arms will create datapedia entry for WikiPedia

ACTION 9: Move forward toward distribution of COSMIC data via LDM.

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